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"...what of the “Adox” products will be discontinued?"
All CHS films, Nuance and Vario Classic.

Vario Classic can fully be replaced by MCC which is actually better.
Nuance was a graded paper and thus cannot be fully replaced by MCC or Polywarmtone if/when we make it again but MCC can be developed to a similar tone in ADOTOL WA. Also the highlight differentiation of Nuance and MCC are almost equal if you filter MCC acordingly.
The lithability of Nuance was very good. If you used the paper for lith printing Polywarmtone will be the repelacement.

As for the films we plan to bring a replacement for the low speed films and a 100 ASA version.
The 100 ASA film will come first and be made available in the same selection of formats except 127.
We hope to be able to supply without an interruption here.

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