Hi Bill,

Many thanks for manually slaving over my numbers with graph paper in hand. I owe you, let me know if you ever come to Ireland.

I wonder if you used 0.1 as the speedpoint, or WBM recommended 0.17 in arriving at the CIs. I am trying to understand the difference in the calculations, I suppose I should check with Ralph, too.

When I plugged your, much nicer I must admit, numbers back to the same WBM spreadsheet, I figured that my N is 6 min, N+1 8.5, N-1 5. Also, if I use the shortcut of EI 200 for N, I get an easy to remember sequence of EI 150 for N-1, 200 N, 300 N+1. However, I am not sure if I can use the spreadsheet for calculating those times if I use your kindly provided CIs, perhaps I need to arrive at them differently.

I am also not sure what CI to consider normal, as this is the first time I applied a densitometer to the job. I was planning to follow WBM 0.57 or nearby, or to do a paper test.

Thanks ic-racer for the contact exposure suggestions.

Many thanks for helping me. I've just arrived in Denver, setting off to WY in two days, armed with a new table of EIs. Feels like fun.