The PAN 400 Spitfire photos are below for reference also, taken July? 2011. My zoom lens is not powerful, so I then lifted the enlarger head near enough 11 x 14 size to put the photos onto 5x7 paper, with the exception of the spitfires behind behind the house, taken at belton house, grantham; That one was enlarged to 8x10. Shutter speeds were between 1/500 and 1/1000 depending on the shot. The negatives had been under fixed and showed alot of degradation by the time new prints were made, having given away the old ones. This will also show never to reuse your fixer for longer than you should as I was doing when these were taken and still a beginner in the darkroom. They have been refixed to stop further degradation. I now use fixer one-shot for film. Some of my other important negatives survived, the ones that had used fresh chemicals.