I've been interested in the 4x5 format, but because of the expensive nature of the film and equipment needed, I never ventured into it.

However this morning, I was talking with our city mayor. He and his wife are photographers and we got on the subject of me shooting film. He stated that he has a full 4x5 setup including a 4x5 enlarger, a Speed Graphic, and a drum processor (which I am assuming is a Jobo because he said it was automated and rocked back and forth.)

In his words "if I knew anyone interested he'd like to sell it for 'real cheap'." T'was about this time that I about nearly fell out my chair and startled the man by yelling "ME ME ME!"

I don't know what his asking price will be but I told him to make a list, let me know, and I'd come and check it out.

My questions are:

-What should I look for on the Speed Graphic to determine condition?
-What are the average going rates for SG's in useable condition?
-What should I expect to pay for a 4x5 enlarger and possible Jobo processor?