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Thanks everyone. I prefer liquids because I only want to make up as much solution as I will use in one day. I dont want to store any chemicals in the house aside from a bottle of concentrate. From what I understand, powders make up 1 gallon. Is this information correct?

I wont have problems following directions. I'm a formulating chemist with 20 years experience. I work with chemicals all day long but working with them at home is something totally different!!
I did use powders, D76 and XTol both of which were very nice BTW, when I first started and it is easy to mix, but I'm now firmly in the camp of using "convienient, ready to dilute" liquids.

I use liquid Wimberley's WD2D+ on occasion but really don't enjoy measuring for the 1+50 mix, this is also why I have avoided Rodinal and the HC's. Even the 1+19ish concentrates make me do more "dishes".

DD-X is truly convienient in that it is NOT highly concentrated, the 1 part DD-X + 4 parts water recipe means it is easy to measure and mix in one beaker, no pipettes or other measuring tools required, and an error of a few ml is practically speaking, insignificant.

The big reason I was suggesting following the instructions is that Fuji and Ilford and Kodak have put an incredible amount of work into getting their numbers in the instructions right. It is a safe bet that if you are following their instructions and still having a problem, for example not getting the shadow detail you want, the problem is somewhere else.