condition ...
do a flashlight test on the bellows ( they are probably OK )
check to see if the rail the front standard slides out on is bent or missing teeth ( does it focus easily ? )
check to see if the rails afixed to the box inside the camera are damaged ( was a close attempted with the focus not totally retracted ? )
is the ground glass broken ?
is it a graflock back or spring back ?
was the fresnel lens removed ? ( if so the camera won't focus right )

i know nothing about jobo processors, sorry ...

enlarger ...
does it have the condensers ( all 3 ? )
what cones if any does it have?
is it a d3v ( auto focus ) and if it is, does it have the metal tracks in back to extend and retract the bellows?
does it come with any lenses ( and appropriate cones + tracks or just cones )
does it have any negative carriers ?
does it have the omegalite cold light head ?
was it wall mounted so it no longer has the baseboard, if it has the baseboard, is it complete ?

separately an enlarger is either a give away, or maybe 1-200$ depending on what is included with it ..
carriers usually trade for 15-25$ depending
omegalites, not sure ...
the in head condensor ( variable ) for smaller than 4x5 is usually lost

lenses for the enlarger ... anywhere from a give away to $$$ ( for like a gclaron )

speed graphics depending on age and condition go for anywhere from 50# to 300$
lenses, well, you see in the classifieds how much they go for ...

as rick said anything less than $500 might be a good deal,
unless it is all molded, moth-eaten and trashed then keep away,
it will travel to your other equipment ...

have fun !

ps. go to and read stuff there, and for other LF stuff you might want to check out