$500 without seeing the list sounds like a lot to this old cheapskate. The last working (but rough) Speed Graphic I bought on ebay was under $100. Some 4x5 enlargers are not worth hauling away unless they can be converted to copy stands. Others cost a small fortune when new, but can be found for very little now by a patient scrounger. Some also work well for smaller formats. My 4x5 DeJur required improvised additions to be useable for 35mm. A drum processor is a convenience, not a necessity. I gave mine away long ago and develop in trays.

Speed Graphics vary widely in desireability. I wouldn't consider anything earlier than the Anniversary model (1940-1946). Even it has limitations for some photography. More desirable is the Pacemaker series of Crown and Speed Graphics, especially when more than one lens is used. They were made from 1947 to 1973. The most versatile for many purposes is the Super Graphic, made near the end of the company's life. The original lenses fitted to all of these cameras, if in good condition, are decent performers for general use.

4x5 film is indeed expensive, but often a small fraction of the investment in time and travel. I sometimes spend an hour or more for just one shot, but try to make that one shot perfect. When image quality is paramount, LF photography is worth the bother.