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From what I understand, powders make up 1 gallon. Is this information correct?
No. A packet of powder is diluted according to its formula. If you buy a 1qt packet of D76, it mixes into 1qt. If you buy a 5L packet of Xtol, it mixes into 5L of solution. Most home development packets mix to 1qt or 1L. If you only want a few bottles of chemicals, then there will be no problems with the available selections.
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I wont have problems following directions. I'm a formulating chemist with 20 years experience. I work with chemicals all day long but working with them at home is something totally different!!
Don't worry. It's just like mixing anything else. Developer, stop, fixer, wash, final rinse in distilled water.

All of the developers do the same thing: develop film. All of them will give you good results. Don't worry about having "the ideal" developer, just start with something convenient that works for your personal process.