It seems that "engineers" at LPL designed a one-trick pony making it tough to produce low cost alternative negative carriers.

LPL's use of non-standard (metric?) aluminum sheet to make 4.2mm thin carriers is one obstacle.
The other obstacle is choking the maximum lift of the lamphouse to a mere 7~8mm.

The thinnest carriers I can economically make are about 6.5mm (1/4") thick (plus 2mm for indexing pins).
This means that the lamphouse would have to raise a minimum of 8.6mm above the base plate.

If the folks using LPL enlargers can devise a simple way to open the lamphouse to about 3/8" (about 10mm)...
... I could supply a simple, robust negative carrier for common formats for about $40.

To see examples of my workmanship, go here: