If you're not looking for movements other than front rise, the older speed graphics get you a range of shutter speeds that's greater than the newer ones. The ones with the two cranks on the side go from 1/10-1/1000, where the single crank and shutter speed window go from 1/30-1/1000. You can also make your own lensboards for the pre-anniversaries. I like both. The newer ones get more movements and a graflok back, both of which are desirable features.

$100 typically gets you a ratty speed graphic that may work or a nice looking one that doesn't. It's worth more to have one in hand that you can see the shutter speeds work OK; a luxury you don't get with Internet purchases. You could spend $100 or hours getting it back to proper operation if it's lacking. I do agree with others, enlargers aren't valuable; sometimes the lens on the enlarger is worth more than the beastly thing, and sometimes that's not much. Dichroic enlargers are worth a little bit more if they work for the v.c. convenience. The developing stuff could be worthless or valuable...Check it out and reference ebay closed auctions. If the seller is looking to get rid of it, they should take some sub-ebay prices, otherwise, they'd have taken the time to photograph and list all the items and sell them that way.