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In England we usually and historically refer to 5 X 4 and not 4 X 5. Is 4 X 5 an Americanism? Does most of Europe say 5 X 4 or 4 X 5? However, I like the way they spell colour without the u in America. Do others have views about some of these pedantic differences?
As usual America bastardized the language.

In theory we call a vertical, a 4x5 and a horizontal a 5x4.

Although since most Americans are barely educated even with a college degree, we call an 8x10 (vertical) portrait format, and a 10x8, an 8x10 landscape format.

So a horizontal 10x8 print is called 8x10 landscape even if it's a portrait.

Although we do know that a car does not wear a boot or a bonnet and we correctly refer to them as a trunk and a hood.