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The only comparisons that are meaningful are between the film sensitivity curves and those of various exposure meters.

While the meter sensor technology has a major impact on its spectral sensitivity, it does not define same.
Meter manufacturers incorporate filters to modify the sensor response, in an attempt to duplicate that of film.

For a meaningful analysis you need to obtain the sensitivity curves for the actual meters (make and model) of interest,
and compare those with the curves for the actual films.

- Leigh
You're right Leigh, comparing the spectral response of the fully assembled meter versus the specific film in question is important ... especially for example the Zone VI Modified meters which tried to emulate the spectral response of Tri-X.

The human eye response is relevant when using the SEI photometer, which uses the eye as a sensor. But I think Matt may be more interested to know why results don't match what he "felt" at the time of the shoot.