I went the opposite direction, but my needs seem to oppose yours. The 7II is similar in size to a large slr, with the lens sticking out pretty far. It wasn't small enough for me. The focusing was more difficult than other rangefinders, and I really wish it had better close focus. I also wasn't comfortable with how harsh the lenses could be, too sharp with certain subjects. Exposure compensation knob was a pain, lens caps annoying. I wasn't printing larger than 11x14, so resolution was more about bragging than usefulness.

I do miss the meter on the M7II though.

So I went with an rz and a mf folder for travel.

For a two lens setup, the Mamiya c330f has a similar package size and not too much heavier (1.5kg vs 1.9kg). You could pick this up and a folding rangefinder for travel and still have money left. Check out the Bessa II or the 1950s Ikontas.

Mamiya 6 folder up nicely and could be used for travel, though repairs are getting difficult.

If you recognize that it will still need a backpack for travel and don't mind how the lens draws, it is an amazing camera.