Hi there, this may well be an odd question - but here goes...

Had anyone else noticed a difference in the paper size once a fibre base print it dried?

Ok, so I print on 8"x8" paper with an image size of 7"x7". The paper is cut accurately on a trimmer and the image size is consistent on the easel. I dry the paper by taping it to a glass sheet with artists brown tape. When the print is dried, one dimension of the image size has gone up to 7 1/8" and the other dimension has reduced by 1/16". This is consistent over about 20 prints that have been printed/dried over the last few weeks using a variety of Ilford papers.

Has anyone measured the finished image size of their prints? If so, have they remained the same as the initial exposure print size. Not sure what to do with this info but it does seem consistent on my workflow!

Thoughts welcomed.