I'm a rangefinder man all the way. I currently have two Mamiya 6's and two Bronica RF645's. These are my babies. I do all my work with them. I love working in medium format. But over the last year I've seen alot of really great 35mm work, all with Leica's or Zeiss's.. etc. It really got me longing for a Zeiss Ikon. You can buy them new with a 50/2 planar for just over 2k at B&H. That's certainly affordable compared to a Leica, even a used Leica.

half of me is trying to talk myself into it, and half of me is trying to talk myself out of it. My main problem besides the cost is I'm not sure why I really NEED it. What situations would I prefer the 35mm RF? I can think of a few. Low light. The 50/2 is fast, much faster than all my MF RF lenses which are pretty much all f/4. But why couldn't I shoot the RF645 with some Delta 3200? Wouldn't the grain be similar between a 6x4.5 3200 shot compared to a 35mm pushed Tri-x or HP5 shot?? But the grain is just lovely in 35mm IMHO, and the images that are made with Zeiss/Leica glass are just special, they really are. They just have a soul to them, they speak to you. That is the main reason I want one. It would also help me to photograph people more, something I don't do very often.

I'd just like some thoughts and suggestions....