Thanks for the comments. I am definitely going to be exploring the toning route. I have MT3 right now but ordering some thiocarbamide so I can fine tune ratios at minimal expense.
I think the main color I'm after is a shade of raw umber, but I also think a hint of green is also needed.

Doing some googling I found a thread on LFF where someone (Jan Brzeski)had used fomatone for this gallery. However, the dilution was much, much less at 1:1:12 to 1:1:14 and said at 1:1:18 it got too orange/pink in his opinion. I do want to stay away from the orange and pinks....
Anyone here printed fomatone at that strong of solution?

For me to conceivably attempt that I would have to order some arista concentrate powder to be able to afford it. On the freestyle website they even mention the 1:14 dilution.