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The Macbeth chart is widely used for tests because it renders colors accurately and consistently over a wide range of light sources.

That is not true of other color swatch products.

- Leigh
Hi Leigh,

The color checker is fine for standards - for color reproduction for copywork or studio illumination, calibration etc. But it is made of ink pigments.

When photographing nature, living things have anomalous ultraviolet and infrared reflections that the color checker doesn't represent. If you tell me the Macbeth company deliberately selected metameric inks representing "foliage green" and "periwinkle blue", then I'd concede the point, because it is possible to select substances that reflect light "the same way". But I think they chose certain Pantone Matching System inks and left it at that.

These are the things that come out looking illogical in photographs because the "system" (un-modified meter, color checker, film) didn't properly evaluate them.