I'd recommend you get an M2 or M3 and the Zeiss lens. I have the 35/2 Biogon and love it. Use it on my MP and M2. I'd get the Zeiss 50/2 but love my 50/2 Summicron DR too much and have the Zeiss 45/2 Planar on my G2.

The M2 I just got from Youxin for $550. A total user but fully CLA'd by Youxin and smoooooth as silk with a buttery shutter. He usually has a few M2 and M3 bodies around, contact him and discuss your desire for condition you want as he'll compare to what he's got and quote you well.

I'm sure the Zeiss Ikon are nice but I think they are a but pricey for what you're getting.