Some of you might find this interesting.

Ok - so I had a couple rolls of Rollei (AGFA) digibase 200. Seeing as how it has a clear base, I figured that I'd repeat my experiments from a few years ago and try reversal-processing it. I shot it at ISO 400 (one stop underexposed). I processed them in D-76 at 100F for 5.5 minutes, washed, re-exposed to light, and rolled it back up into the can.

Processing it at the local one-hour photo gave some ... interesting results.

Looking at the emulsion side gives a monochrome ambrotype-like image. It's an [overexposed] positive image. Looking at the image by transmitted light gives a negative-looking image with strikingly positive reds and blues. Looking through the base, with the film sitting on black surface gives a color positive image that is very brown in tone. The film has a strong orange/brown color to the base.

I put the scans that the lab gave me into Photoshop, and inverted them to give positive images. I'll post what came out in a few minutes.