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The 4990 comes in two models, the PRO and PHOTO. Get the PRO. This comes with the Monaco EZ Color calibrationn software and an IT8 target. This makes all the difference.

I second Art on the color calibration software. But (in Europe) the 4870 also came with a bundle, a Gretag MacBeth. Not bad. We bought the 4870 when it was just out (and still expensive), but are extremely happy with it. Saves us lots of time and cost. We got a used (cheap) Monaco screen calibrator later. So no IT8 target, but we don't miss it, really. Perhaps you can find a good deal on the older 4870 + Gretag bundle...

One drawback of the older 4870 is the fact that the 120 film trannies are impractical, but for a few dollars you can buy an improved version from what's his name, Doug maybe? - which allows you to mount the 120 lengthwise - saves scanning time.