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I am pretty sure it hasn't that warning as it is a go to paper for a few of us here. It has a completely different snatch point than any other paper, and the lith effect explodes
in the fix, therefore making you to pull the print when it looks like crap, but it really is a beautiful paper for lith.
I was doing a print on Ilford Warmtone the other day and forgot how the blacks just seem to appear in the fixer, as if out of nowhere. It took me a few attempts to get back into it, but I really love this paper for lith printing and if selenium toned afterward it gets an exceptionally beautiful color for portraits and skin tones.
Fun paper to lith with, for sure. I have quite a lot of Kodak Ektalure and Medalist that I use for lith printing, but have come to almost detest that pinkish salmon color they produce (for my own work), and they are way too smooth, dammit!
What else is nice about the Ilford paper is that it yields a very nice grain. Don't you think? Great texture, and works wonderfully in 16x20 size.