3 months after I posted the question I finally got a chance to do as suggested. I mixed the part A and B from a 10 liter C-41 replenisher kit to make a 10 liter replenisher without part C in it. I then prepared an 1 liter developer out of this developer by adding 30 ml of developer starter and 5 grams of CD-4. I ran a 120 roll of Ektar 100 with 330 ml of this developer. I produced one of the best negative I ever produced in my life. I can tell you not only this process works I confirmed for myself that Kodak Ektar is absolutely the best negative film to shoot with. The roll was shot more than a year ago and has been frozen ever since. The image is absolutely perfect and plenty of beautiful colors.

I thought I should report back. So this is it. Thanks to everyone who gave the excellent technical tip.