We seem to hop from one place to the next without doing much by way of back-referencing, printing and showing. I have seen so precious little of what others have photographed at the Toorongo River Sanctuary at Noojee. Who has photographed what, and how?

I've got a 28x36cm MGCF print here now of Toorongo Falls from Pentaximus running RVP 100F on metallic media. Very happy and contented with that (and three others now in process at PRISM). But other scenes down in the myrtle glooms of Toorongo... well, I haven't got them: particularly irritating is the view upstream from the footbridge: I do not want a view from on top of the footbridge: I want a view from under it, at water level, but it's possible I could get wet. And cold.

Lawson Falls can be attractive in the southern section of Bunyip State Park, as can a pretty little swamp paperbark cascade a little way downstream from them. Not sure if all this was obliterated in the ghastly bushfires, but I like to hope nature has remodelled the scenery anew.