I have an Agfa Solinette that I'm quite fond of. It is pocketable because it is a folding camera with bellows. Fully manual but no rangefinder or meter.

I have several Minox 35mm cameras. These are surely the ultimate in pocketable 35mm. Smaller and lighter than the Solinette. I know you have ruled them out as being AE, but some of the later ones have backlight buttons and exposure lock and all of them enable you to control the exposure by changing the film speed.

IMHO the biggest drawback with the Minox is not the lack of shutter speed control, it is the cursed shutter fault, where dirty contacts, dust or weak batteries result in blank frames. For this reason, bargain Minox buys are often false economy and you need to splash out a lot of money to be sure of geting a late, well featured one in good working order. Mine are always a bit suspect - and of course it is always the once in a lifetime killer shot when they decide to play up.

The Solinette was quite cheap, in nice condition and has been 100% dependable.