Takes a little practice but here goes.

I want the image to look very flat but open, if that makes sense, what will normally happen if you do not snatch the print, the image will just go dark and muddy and be of no value to keep.

What I look for is the solid black areas of the image to start showing themselves against the muddy midtones, this is when I pull the print.
I use hypam or rapid fix with no hardner, the explosion of contrast is quite extensive so finding the snatch point is practice.
If you pull it too soon the image will be too light and very flat, and if you wait too long to snatch the print will be too dark and contrasty.
Once you have made a couple of good ones its a easy to gage the proper time.

These prints do have a very distintive .... aged look to them and I have not found a subject matter that does not work well.
I find I do not have to flash to control contrast as I would with other papers.

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So when do you snatch it? Any special fix better here?