Hi Justin,

I agree with Ron; at the present there's so much to learn about b&w emulsions to even consider working on color stuff. But gaining an understanding of b&w emulsions is of course the pre-requisite for color, so who can say what will happen several years down the road. Plus, one of my biggest interests is definitely getting into color sensitizing for red and green, all with the idea of being able to do color (screen plates, bipacks/tripacks, color separation, etc.)

I do know from my communications with Photo Researcher, as well as Photo Engineer, that a color emulsion is complex, to put it lightly. People who have worked for Kodak their whole careers don't necessarily have the equipment, time or resources to do it easily. PR is working on it, but it's no small undertaking.

I'm glad you brought it up though; I'm glad others are interested in it!