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so i got my dads old and basically unused n90 with the sticky film door syndrome. I called nikon to find out about them replacing the door as they used to do that. They had no idea if the facility had the part. also they said it would more than likely NOT be fixed for free and a fee would be charged. Does anyone know how much it would cost to fix if they could fix it? The cust service person was no help as expected. doesn't make sense to pay $100 to get it fixed as they are so cheap second hand. But a shame to not use it only because of the mess. how hard would it be for me to find one that is maybe non-working, take the door off and replace it myself?
That problem goes way back to the early production models and Nikon did replace them for free. Now, though, there probably aren't any in stock since the N90s/F90x was discontinued 10+ years ago; if there are any at Nikon, I don't think it will be free. Replacing the door is the easy part; finding a NOS one isn't. The N90s/F90x is very cheap now--working or otherwise--so why not just look for another?