after using my jobo 2509n spiral for 4x5 sheet film processing for close to a year now, I had my first shot at tray processing tonight.
First of all it was not as hard as I thought it would be, but immediately payed the price when my mind was wondering for a second and
I scratched one of the negs in a stack of 6 pretty badly. Luckily I did not use any important negatives for this test run. I was surprised how much harder they were to handle being all slippery but still managing to stick together ... I was pleased with the results for a first run, but obviously there is a long way to go before they are as nice as I know they could be

Since I use D76 1:1 I was pleased how much less developer I had to use compared to my drum processing and that alone is worth it for me to learn more about it and practice more. My first question now is, if you actually shuffle the negs over the long or over the short edge or does it make no difference?
Also are you using gloves or are you just soaking your fingers in dev/stop/fix ? If you use gloves, does it make handling the sheets much harder?

I think those are enough questions for one post
Thanks in advance