After a little pause, it is time again to sign up for the new installment of the Blind Print Exchange.

Harry has been rather busy lately, so I figured I'll take the reign for this round.

Please read the sticky FAQ if you are new to the exchange. If you want to sign up, PM me your full real name and your complete mailing address. Don't forget the country! Please use the subject: BPX16 signup.


We're on a six month cycle, and we are a bit late for the current cycle, so now we will be doing:
Signup Sep 12
Print and Post Oct-Nov 12
Rest and Relaxation Dec 12
Round 17 signup Jan 12

If you run late, we don't care. There can be a myriad of reasons. We just need to know, that's all. No need for apologies. Just let me know.

Please do complete obligations from previous rounds before signing up.

OK, let's get the entries in, and have FUN!