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I still have a couple of rolls of the Rollei left in the freezer, but can't check it until tonite. It had a
different antihalation dye, different packaging, and as I mentioned, very different exposure response
from Efke 25. And as I recall, it was made in Germany, not Croatia. I bought it from Freestyle here just about a year ago. Maybe a different selection is being sold in Europe, repackaged in those same canisters. I've run into these kinds of mysteries before with EU products. But I will remark that this
last batch of unequivocal Efke 25 I used had none of the quality issues as on previous occasions.
Man, one reason I had been reluctant to try it, even the 4x5 Efke 100 I lucked into - I was afraid I'd like the tonality too much but be unable to tolerate the reported lack of QC. Sounds like they got it together just in time to lose it.