A while back I came into a dream system. M4, 21 3.4SA, 35 1.4 Lux, 50 Cron Rigid. All in beautiful condition and well cared for by it's only other owner. I've run about a dozen or so rolls through the kit but never saw the quality results I expected. On my last roll I decided to put the M on a tripod and saw what people have raved about, especially with the 50mm. There is nothing wrong with the hardware, I just can't make it work in my hands.

Now I'm not new at this, I've been shooting for over 40 years and have some nice stuff in 35, 120 and 4x5. I can handhold my other 35s and my Rollei and Blad with no issue. I think the M is just too small for me, I can't actuate the shutter without moving the whole camera. I've tried a soft shutter and it was a little better, but still not reliable.

As much as I love the hardware for it's mechanical qualities, at current prices I think I may just let it all go and add to my other kits. Or maybe keep the 50 and look for a M compatible body that fits me better. Has anyone else run into this?