Now that I am at home, playing with the back and the ground glass, there is about 1-2mm of play on both horizontal and vertical positions. So, when the back is put on the camera, the ground glass moves which could account for my difference. However, I will need to try it out before I can "close the file".

Mark, you need to copyright your response, it is one of the better explanations of camera movements I have read. I haven't adequately learned camera movements yet, partially due to not using the camera enough but also because I am not really sure what I am doing.

Another quick question, my camera has rear swing but not front swing. If I wanted to shift a diagonal plane-of-focus from far away left to close to the camera right, I would swing the rear standard right-closer-to-lens-board and left-farther-from-lens-board to use schliemflug to create my plane of focus. However, haven't I now altered the shape of the image and would perhaps be better off stopping down? I realize aesthetic considerations triumph and it wouldn't matter much in an irregular shape (like tree roots) but thought I would ask. What I really need to do is shoot paper negatives, so I can practice and not feel bad about wasting film.