After unsuccessfully trying shuffling negatives in a tray, I modified an 8x10 tray by cutting 2x2"x1/8" ABS pipe cut in half (I'm sure 1 1/2" pipe would work just as well) using a miter saw to produce 4x1/8" half rings and gluing them to the bottom of the tray using a glue gun to create 4 "chambers." I first tried Superglue, but a hot glue gun worked better. The little dots are tiny specs of hot glue to keep the sheets off the bottom.

Cost me nothing but my time (the ABS pipe was left overs) and works like a charm. Good, even development. The same tray can be used for each step, and I never handle the negatives. I set out all my chemicals in order on my right including water for a water bath; tray sits in a water jacket (room temperature is too high) in front of me pouring spout at top left; I empty the chemicals to my left: water bath & developer down the drain and the others into the containers I poured them from. I use different shaped containers for stop, fix, and hypo clear. 450-500ml of developer ensures that the sheets are covered. I use intermittent agitation: 60 seconds agitation and 10 out of every 60 seconds until the time is up.