The thing that amazes me is what good shape these are all in. My wife found them cleaning out a drawer today. Aside from some ball point marks on the U of Arkansas cover (my wife's alma mater), they all look fairly new. There was one other purple tie-died looking cover, but it had my wife's maiden name stamped in gold on the front. Looked just like something you'd have paid for Woodstock tickets out of. We still use checks...and film, naturally and books with real pages. We got an Ipad last year. One of the first things I did was to read "The Count of Monte Cristo" on it. Dang but I couldn't have picked a long book or anything...may as well have read "Les Miserables" or "War and Peace," right? Even though it was free (well I do donate to Project Gutenberg), there was just something not as comfortable as having an old book, you know? Oh, before I folks do know about Librivox, don't you? Audio books...public domain by volunteers? A companion to Project Gutenberg. If you never read the book or heard the story, please listen to "The Grand Babylon Hotel." Arnold Bennett was the author. This story starts with an American millionaire and his daughter having lunch in the Grand Babylon. When she orders a beer with her steak and the waiter refuses to serve a beer to a woman, the man buys the hotel and decides to run it himself. Then the fun starts... It is read by Anna Simon (who is very easy to listen to). Another really good one is "That Affair Next Door" by Anna K. Green. Super murder mystery. Can't recall when it was written (late 1800s I think), but it was the first novel to feature a woman as a detective.