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Thank you for the warning of the developer, I did still use 800ml for a stack of 6 sheets which is still plenty in a 5x7 tray I think.
The minimum amount of developer required is different for each developer.
You need to check the data sheet from the manufacturer for the product you're using.

The values are typically for 80 square inches of film, which is a single 8"x10" film or any other size
that can be proofed on an 8x10 sheet of paper (one 35mm roll, one 120 roll, four 4x5 sheets, etc).

Minimums are always given relative to the concentrate, irrespective of the dilution in use.
For example, the minimum for Rodinal is 10ml of concentrate per roll, regardless of whether your dilution is 1+25, 1+50, or 1+100.

- Leigh