Hi everyone,

I have been have been a member for a little while and I have been reading/lurking but the time has come for me to be a little more active. I am in Switzerland and an avid enthusiast of analogue photography. I have a make-shift darkroom at home which I don't get to spend enough time in. I started with digital photography but felt that there was something missing, much like cooking dinner in a microwave, the cooking was a much missed component. So I found myself drawn to analogue photography. In the space of about two years it has more or less consumed me. Here is a brief introduction to my setup:

Mamiya RZ67, 50, 90, 180mm lenses
Mamiya 7ii, 43, 65, 80mm lenses
Leica M7, Summilux 35mm asph, Summicron 90mm lenses
Canon AE-1, 50mm lens
(I still have one digital camera, an M9)

Durst Laborator 1200, Ilford Multigrade 500h head
Ilford rc1250 dryer
fiber dryer
16X20 archive washer

Broncolor Impact 41, 21 strobes.

ProCabin 6X7 Projector for slides

Epson V750 Scanner for scanning

I look forward to learning from you and maybe even contributing :-)