I'll join Steve. The 35RC is what I'd suggest. Also in the viewfinder you'll see both the shutter speed and aperture setting. If you want one which is a bit more automatic...please take a look at the Vivitar 35ES. I have both of these. The 35ES was made I think by Cosina and is a variant of the Minolta 7sii (which is often crazy expensive). The 35ES has a faster lens and a bright viewfinder. One thing you need to keep in mind with the XA is that it is only sort of focusable. That is to say the range of focus is short when compared to others. One small rangefinder I took terrific pictures with was a GAF Memo 35EE. It is either a brother or sister to the Konica C35, and can be bought usually for $15 or less. Spend a bit of time replacing the light seals (they're the exact same design as the C35) and that camera will take amazingly sharp pictures. Good luck. If you are interested, I have a 35ES for sale here and it is working fine.