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... This weekend a colleague of mine is bringing me a Paterson tank and reel from the states. I am going to buy a bag here in China as well as a few cheap rolls of film to practice on.
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I had myself convinced that I was "never going to be able to do this" before I got my tank and reels. With a little practice I was loading film on reels like it was second nature. ... Don't stress on it and you'll do just fine.
Exactly. I've been on this forum for eight years and this seems to come up regularly. It used to take the form of a steel vs. plastic argument, but lately it's more a fear of loading any reel. Hardly anybody can/could do it the first time. It takes practice. It's not hard, but it is a learned skill. Practice in the light, then with your eyes closed, etc. Be patient and "practice" until you can do it. Then, after a while, you should wonder what all the angst was about.