I bought it!
And I think I did a pretty good deal..
The enlarger is in REALLY good shape. Main column and focussing system running smooth as butter, bellows is light tight and looking GREAT, condenser lens in perfect shape. No particular dings scratches and or other bends to mention and absolutely no rust, a nice 150W enlarger bulb, a little bit of dust and that's it.
I came with a Fujinon-ES 50mm f4 lens, that has a little fungus growing inside, but no "hotspots" and nothing that can't be cleaned out (I'm sending it out to be cleaned today!). Several trays, a focussing aid, a perfect working timer for the enlarger, a nice 11x14" 4-bladed enlarging easel, and a BUNCH of film developing tanks and reels.
She asked for $750 bucks and I said YES Please!
It would have cost me little less to buy a new one in the US but it would most definitely not have been completely accessorized and the hassle of bringing any enlarger over to brazil in a flight more than compensates for anything else.
She seemed happy to part with it to someone who intended to use it and take care of it. She worked professionally with it back in the day and kept it this long for affectionate reasons. Apparently this was her workhorse and love for several years.
I've got and ENLARGER!

But I still have a couple of questions. I can't seem to find a thread number anywhere to indicate which kind of lens it'll take. Is this a universal standard? Neither lens nor enlarger have any markings...
Also, I'm probably gonna play around with the 50mm i've got for now, but my plan is to enlarge 6x7 negatives. Would a 80mm lens cover this? What problems could this bring?
Thanks For the help!