I don't know much about this paper, but I hear from others that the matte paper behaves differently from the glossy, and Kentmere does not make matte paper emulsions, so it's possible that glossy is Kentmere, but the matte has to be something else.

With only a few factories left making paper; Ilford, Foma, Slavich, ADOX, Fuji, and I'm sure I'm missing one or two - as far as I know only Ilford and Foma make a matte paper, and Fotokemika Varycon (which has been discontinued) has a semimatte surface, not flat matte like Foma or Ilford... . Ilford does not sell their own Ilford branded product as OEM product to others, so it basically leaves out everybody but Foma. I say the matte paper has to be Foma Fomabrom Variant 112, leaving the glossy more difficult to figure out.