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Dear all,
I do my own E6. A recent bunch of 120 film turned out as quite a desaster: All 4 films had slipped out of the reels: krinkled, stuck partly together ... a whole mess .
What I use & did:
Rotary processor (phototherm: stationary tube, reels rotating inside) at 30 rpm, Hewes steel reels, Tetenal E6, 68F, Fuji Provia and Astia 120 film.
The 120 films were clipped to the spool with the starting "end" of the film, where the tape is. This is easier, as the other (the real and smooth) end notoriously slipps out of the reel's clip and makes loading difficult. This smooth and unsupported end of the film, which is very flimsy when whet, then got to the open outside of the reel - where the film was obviously "caught" by the liquid and "washed" out of the reel... .
Question: How to stabilize this open end of 120 film in the development spool reliably?
Having the end with the tape outside >might< help a bit: Is there a more reliable way? How to better secure the smooth end of the film to the inside clip of the reel?
Thank you & Good light!
Have you talked to Phototherm?

My understanding is that they are very helpful.