Hi All,

We've had a bit of a thread bumping issue in the classifieds. Mainly some are getting a bit carried away with bumping their ads. A new tool has been put in place to require a minimum of 3 days before bumping is allowed by the thread owner. I have it set to allow replies by regular posters and the thread owner should be able to reply to that even if 3 days has not passed -but all out bumps will require 3 days wait. Please do not try to circumvent this tool as it could result in your removal from the classifieds. The aim of this tool is to give everyone a fair chance for their ads to be seen. You can find some discussion of this here:


At this stage we are going to test the tool and see how it goes. If you have any issues or bugs to report caused by the tool please let us know.

This is what the ad owner will see if they attempt to bump:

If someone does reply to your ad, your bump time is reset and a notice appears: