What a wonderful and welcoming community! Thank you everyone.

Diapositivo - I have been contemplating a Jobo Processor for C41 or E6. I'm quite happy to get the colour and slide developed professionally. My locals do a great job and I can continue to support them. I am trying to focus on BW for my darkroom and technique, even though I do shoot a lot in colour and slide.

JohnArs - ARS Imago stimmt! I warm my body by the slow-burning embers of the money I throw at photography. I have no doubt that I'll get into large format one day, I have a lot more to learn about photography before that happens though :-) I'm tempted all the time though and my Durst 1200 enlarger can take 4X5!

RichardH - go for it. I used to be a pastry chef, which I loved because it was a combination of art and science. I realised that with digital photography I loved photography, but something was missing. The Magic ingredient, the cooking process. Digital was too easy, take meal out freezer, bung in microwave, nuke, eat, feel somehow unsatisfied. With cooking, I feel the love in real food, I love giving it to people and seeing what effect good food has one them. I get the same out of analogue photography, I go shopping for the ingredients, I plan my meal, I go through the whole process, I take and make a picture with love and then I give it to someone. When you give someone (or yourself) a hand made photo, the reaction is priceless, nobody prints photos out anymore.

Anyway, the analogy is out there :-)