I guess it's about time to start posting after lurking on this forum for several months now.

I'm based out of the Bay Area in sunny California! I've been shooting in general for about 5 years now, starting when I was 12. I actually learned the bare basics on film (composition, focus, etc) before moving to digital with my first DSLR. After a few years of shooting digital, I took my school's film course, and fell in love with film again. I picked up medium format within a few weeks of the program at my high school, and started spending hours of my day hidden in the darkroom, spending hours on one print. 1 year later, I'm moving in on to 4x5 after getting my first tastes late last school year.

I just love shooting film, and it's totally changed my mentality to shooting. I'm also always looking for some new toy to play with it! I look forward to shooting film as long as there is still some left to shoot!