Hi Francesco,

I have done exactly this. I use my old film reversal chemistry in trays. The paper is Ilford MGIV Deluxe Glossy. Development temp 20C under normal safelight conditions. 90 seconds in first developer, and 60 seconds for all other baths. I turn the lights on in the darkroom for the second exposure, and give it 90sec before I run throught the second developer.

Developer - Dektol 1:1 (nothing added)
Bleach - 9.5g potassium dichromate, 12ml 98% sulfuric acid plus water to make a litre
Clearing bath - 100g sodium sulfite plus water to make a litre
Fixer - what ever I had lying about.

Orwo UN54 35mm reversal processed
60 sec, 0Y130M f4.5. Lacking contrast

Same frame as above
90sec, 20Y80M f4.5, Too much contrast.

Orwo UN54 16mm reversal processed
90sec, 10Y100M f4.5. Still a little too much contrast.

a few of the 16mm frames enlarged. I did not sandwich these frames to the paper so not as sharp as they could be.

Hope this is of some use to you.