29 Aug 2012

I came home from my trip to Europe to find a large box of mail with contained many nice postcards.

In no particular order ...
The card from kraker is very nice. It is magical and mysterious at the same time.
George Nova Scotia's card is a wonderful use of IR. Well done.
I like how JimO has used contrast and clouds to focus the viewer on a single building which directs the eye back to the sky. Nice composition.
I found the card from anikin quite funny. The IR film added to the humorous effect. It is comforting to see HIE effects without HIE. Well done.
The card from labcoat prompts several questions from the viewer. What is h looking at? What is so interesting? ...
Nice print of the capitol building in Lincoln, NE from pstake.
A very unique and lovely print from Molli. The paper really adds to the elegance of the face and mask. (Your handwriting is very nice, and fits with the image very well.)
The photo from rst uses a soft background to add depth to the print. I like how the leaves focus/frame the person walking in the park. Nicely done. I really like the paper you used to make this postcard.
Three very different photos came from Mike Wilde. I like the juxtaposition between the rocks in the lake and chemical plant in the background (Image 1).
Two very different cards from bluejah and bluejeh2. I am still working on seeing the holes to pebbles in the card from bluejeh. I like the use of reflection in the card from bluejeh2.

Thanks to all for a wonderful round of great images.