Ok - problem solved. After some efforts into getting the plates off to reveal the mechanic parts, it turned out that the problem was behind the plate on the lever side. There is just a small metal thing in there, held tight by a spring that keeps the lever into some kind of tension. It doesn't appear to do much but the spring jumped loose and the metal part rotated into a position that was blocking the lever from moving. There was nothing wrong with the mechanics as the machine could be cocked with no problems using 2 screwdrivers in the lens mount and everything worked fine so it had to be something related to just the lever itself.

Now the piglet is alive again and hopefully I will be able to take some nice photos. I haven't seen the photos I took on the first film yet but I will be back here when I get it scanned.

I will like to thank all of you for your help and especially paul ron that knows these beasts like the back of his hand