Sorry. I don't know how that happened.
Hello PE,
I am addressing you personaly because it was you who first suggested the Sand's Dyes to me. I had an idea this morning. I am thinking about spliting a batch of emulsion with relatively low Iodine content. To part A, I would add the stanard, for me, amount of I And the stanard dose of SDA3057. tThis would make my standard red sensitizing portion. To part B, instead of using SDE3008, I would cut by 1/3 the leval of dye and Iodine. This, from past experience, will not form J agrigates, but remaine a red,green sensitizing dye. I have found that SDE3008, given enough I, Is a Green and red sensitizer. I wonder, if I use SDA3057 as the only dye, in 2 separate concentration, would the grains retain their specific sensitivities after being mixed enough to coat.