Maybe they're trying to bundle a profitabe part of the film business with some "dog" products lines
just to off the residue at more than it's worth. I see these kinds of corporate moves rather frequently, and they often backfire for both the buyer and seller. At this point Kodak is probably
desperate for cash. But I don't see how splitting the film business per se apart will benefit their cost
efficiency on supplies, not unless they expect significant royalties simply from the brand name.
Yet I find it idiotic that folks will boycott Kodak film and complain at the same time about shrinking
selection and rising prices. You can't have it both ways. And why punish the hardworking engineers
and techs in the company for what they're actually doing right - it's not their fault that the corporation as a whole got led down the wrong set of tracks. If Kodak shuts down film, it's going to
be next to impossible for anyone else to resurrect things like Ektar or Portra. Maybe Fuji ... just maybe ... but in these times, it's the lemming school of corporate cliff-walking ... When one lemming
walks over the edge, the others follow (yes, I know it's a myth; but the analogy works!)