Thanks for all the help so far in helping me come up to speed with developing. I dont think I'll be able to star this weekend (will be out buying chemicals and shooting film to develop) but next weekend should be certain. In the mean time, let me ask a few more questions.

About drying marks. Once my film is developed and ready to be hung out to dry, is it OK to wipe it down with a brand new, slightly damp sponge to clear off any water? Or would something like a sponge potentially scratch the film?

About temperature regulation during development. I was going to stabilize all my chemicals at the right temperature by creating a water bath in my sink. This bath will be at the right temperature. My concern is the temperature inside the developing tank. Say that my chemicals are at 20 C. Once I dump them into the tank, they will change, either up or down depending on the inside temperature of the tank. Is it possible to prewash the film with just the heated water so that the inside of the tank is at the right temp, then add the chemicals?

These questions really qualify as FAQ's I am sure so I apologize about that. There is a member who has a signature file that has links to all the developing steps for everything, including E6 and C41. I meant to bookmark that but failed to do so. Can someone remind me of these links?